Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Moloch - "Possession" (2011)

Another grueling creation by the UK's sludge kings: Moloch. Riffs decompose any life that once was. Cool grooves emerge at points and then slip right back into despairing territory. Eerie sound clips like a woman changing from hysterical laughter to demon-expulsion heaving add to the [hooded] menacing recipe. Sludge inspired by EHG is taken down to a hellish tempo and is narrated by angry hollering -- everything irritating, not unlike the unfortunate time someone stepped in a swamp with their shoe on and had to wait for it to dry without taking it off, on a humid day with gnats abuzz about the ears. Yeah, the guitar tone is those gnats. The grimier the better; this is sludge at its finest. Possession brings Moloch a bit further down the path of raging antics.

Punch a neighbor.

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