Sunday, February 5, 2012

Angels In America - "Narrow Road To The Interior" (2011)

The first track begins with promises of black metal, but overall, these sounds are far from such a grating genre. Angels In America take on a whole 'nother dimension, fusing intrigue and obnoxiousness into a dualistic product. This is one of the most unique outfits I have heard recently. Genre-defying, noisy at times, no-wave tendencies of cultivating something entirely outside the box of even obscure conventionality. Moppy Pont croons lethargically but forcefully through a web of reverb while Merv Glisten makes weirdo electronic loops and sewer-dub beats. Sometimes the vibe is slightly lassoed back for more folky renditions -- "Highway E-12" proves that Moppy can harmonize quite sweetly when she wants to. I knew nothing of these guys when they came through town; upon seeing them, I was caught in the spell they cast, with additional visual antics such as Moppy's tribal-spider dance amidst a flickering strobe-light. It's evident that Angels In America just don't care what people think ... sometimes they make interesting music.

Be haunted.

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