Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Earth Station - "Control Belief" (2009)

Control Belief is the soundtrack to a scene where the last colony of humans left on Earth are boarding a spaceship, abandoning the planet in search of a more hospitable one in a far, distant galaxy. Loops of synth-based tones and humming drones are accompanied by quirky vintage electronic blips and bloops that span the vast, albeit short, soundscape that is Control Belief.

Earth Station all night.

Pregnant Spore - "Amoeba-Like Identity" (2011)

Baltimore sound artist, Justin Mark Lloyd (Dementia And Hope Trails, Dim Dusk Moving Gloom), released some of his best material last year, one of which being his split with the dreadful, Mold Omen -- an exceptional piece of noise music that did not leave my player for quite some time -- and Amoeba-Like Identity is no exception. Lloyd utilizes metal-on-metal effects, harsh fuzzy feedback, and other not-of-this-world extracts from who knows where to create his unique style of frantic noise collage. And despite the record being no easy listen (coming in at just under an hour in length), I find myself coming back to it more and more frequently.


Sports / Teeth Collection - "Split" (2007)

Noise/drone artists, Sports and Teeth Collection, have come together with one offering each, and with them, created one of the eeriest albums around! Abrupt, loud thuds and mysterious vibrations make up a good portion of the album's atmosphere as it drones and lurches for just over a quarter of an hour long. Fantastic music to lay down in a graveyard to.


Some Japanese Drone...

Nobuto Suda - "Modest Calm" (2011)

Nobuto Suda is a drone artist from Japan with a brilliant discography. Every song has a purpose, each swell thick with contemplation. Modest Calm is a phenomenal record.

Modest Calm

Miki Yui - "Silence Resounding" (2003)

Japanese minimal artist, Miki Yui's, Silence Resounding is an astounding release. Her musical base lies in electronic tones & field recordings making for an extremely therapeutic listen. Although any tendency toward melody is absent, Silence Resounding's ability to capture the complex, organic sounds of everyday life makes it a must-have for rainy spring days.

Silence Resounding


Everyday Loneliness - "Appropriation" (2009)

Appropriation is an incredible release; soothing tape loops manipulated & mingling with subtle, low quality drones render this tape nearly nirvana. You will be somber after listening to this -- akin to Basinski's Disintegration Loops or Crown of Cerberus's Awakening, this is therapeutically meditative ambient bliss from Jon Borges (Black Air, Emaciator)... and that should tell you a lot.


Mirror To Mirror - "Rerest" (2009)

Mirror To Mirror is a pleasant ambient project from Alex Twomey (of the tiny Jugular Forest label). Rerest feels weightless in its ability to create vivid dream-like atmospheres with swells of subtle, memorable progressions -- all recorded in wonderful low realization.


Failing Lights - "Black Swamps" (2007)

Failing Lights is the experimental/noise project of Mike Connelly from Wolf Eyes. There are plenty of harsh sounds and atypical textures on here that brush wonderfully right up against hissing and crackling sound loops. An eccentric release that will not be leaving my ears anytime soon; highly recommended.

Black Swamps

Pet Coffins - "Untitled" (2008)

Pet Coffins is a relatively unknown drone project that draws much comparison to the likes of Color Dream or Caen. It is very easy to get lost in this one -- too bad it isn't longer because I didn't want to be found.


Impregnable - "Beauty Stone" (2006)

Impregnable is perhaps my favorite project from sound artist Jeff Witscher (also of Marble Sky, Secret Abuse, Rene Hell). Although Impregnable often sees Witscher producing clamorous, harsh records, Beauty Stone takes a look at his quieter, more focused side. A lovely piece of work.

Beauty Stone