Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mutilation Rites - "Demo" (2011)

This demo is a good release from the young black metal act, Mutilation Rites. Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, this cold offering brings quality darkness. The vocals are harsh and the guitar riffs are solid. Production is lo-fi/standard but isn't too fuzzy for newcomers to the genre either. Definitely a worthwhile release from a promising and upcoming band in the U.S. black metal scene.

Harm's Way - "No Gods, No Masters" (2010)

This is a great "tough guy" hardcore album... embracing true anger -- without the generic qualities of much of the other stuff I hear in the genre. There is a good mix of metal, punk, and thrash with heavy-as-hell tone for those chunky riffs everyone loves. Excruciating yells akin to Napalm Death's carry the onslaught. Every song on the EP smashes. No Gods, No Masters is Harm's Way's most focused release, and definitely the one to check out.


Monday, October 3, 2011

Circle Of Ouroborus / Drowning The Light - "Moonflares" (2011)

Black metal/depressive rockers, Circle Of Ouroborus, prove once again just how excellent they are. Catchy, sorrowful songs that weep and wail create an atmosphere of hopelessness. Drowning The Light's songs are great as well, adhering to formulaic raw depressive black metal. Autumn is here and it brings with it a cold wind from the North; Moonflares is a perfect choice to accompany the changing of the season.