Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Moloch - "Possession" (2011)

Another grueling creation by the UK's sludge kings: Moloch. Riffs decompose any life that once was. Cool grooves emerge at points and then slip right back into despairing territory. Eerie sound clips like a woman changing from hysterical laughter to demon-expulsion heaving add to the [hooded] menacing recipe. Sludge inspired by EHG is taken down to a hellish tempo and is narrated by angry hollering -- everything irritating, not unlike the unfortunate time someone stepped in a swamp with their shoe on and had to wait for it to dry without taking it off, on a humid day with gnats abuzz about the ears. Yeah, the guitar tone is those gnats. The grimier the better; this is sludge at its finest. Possession brings Moloch a bit further down the path of raging antics.

Punch a neighbor.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Arizona Jaguar - "1993 - 2009" (2009)

Arizona Jaguar is a psychedelic ambient trio who released their only tape entitled, 1993 - 2009, in 2009. Reminiscent of an amalgamation of Enno Velthuys's ambient works in the late '80s and Prehistoric Blackout's Wake Up Dead, Arizona Jaguar showcase their talent for creating gorgeous, albeit fleeting, ambient soundscapes.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Vatican Shadow / Contrepoison - "The Serpent Carries Him Into Paradise" (2011)

Here's an excellent split between Dominick Fernow's (Prurient, Ash Pool) synth/industrial project, Vatican Shadow, and dark electro/synthpop artist, Contrepoison (Pierre-Marc Tremblay). The A side, "Unknown To The Peacock, The Serpent And Scorpion Conspire" is very minimally done; a haunting loop is utilized with lo-fi background synths & simplistic rhythms and soon crackles and fades into side B. "A Deserted Story Adam's Endless Fidelity To The Iblis" sees Contrepoison performing a very strong track. This catchy pop song evokes a dwelling sadness thanks to Tremblay's somber vocals and depressing sound. Noisy, simple and brief, The Serpent Carries Him Into Paradise is a worthwhile release for any fan of experimental or electronic music.

The Serpent Carries Him Into Paradise

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Angels In America - "Narrow Road To The Interior" (2011)

The first track begins with promises of black metal, but overall, these sounds are far from such a grating genre. Angels In America take on a whole 'nother dimension, fusing intrigue and obnoxiousness into a dualistic product. This is one of the most unique outfits I have heard recently. Genre-defying, noisy at times, no-wave tendencies of cultivating something entirely outside the box of even obscure conventionality. Moppy Pont croons lethargically but forcefully through a web of reverb while Merv Glisten makes weirdo electronic loops and sewer-dub beats. Sometimes the vibe is slightly lassoed back for more folky renditions -- "Highway E-12" proves that Moppy can harmonize quite sweetly when she wants to. I knew nothing of these guys when they came through town; upon seeing them, I was caught in the spell they cast, with additional visual antics such as Moppy's tribal-spider dance amidst a flickering strobe-light. It's evident that Angels In America just don't care what people think ... sometimes they make interesting music.

Be haunted.

Franck Pourcel - "Dancing In The Sun" (1970)

At times I feel as though Lawrence Welk could come prancing around the corner due to the hokey style of some of these songs. On the other hand, this is a marvelously conducted album by Pourcel and his orchestra. Lounge music suitable for a paradisaical setting, with reflective, classical strides. A momentary romantic escape for a double agent sipping Caribbean bliss. Some of these sections ring out gloriously like the listener is heading a parade. It would not be farfetched to feel the record create a breeze while spinning it.

The happy ol' days.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Climax Denial - "Bodies Broken By The Weight Of Time" (2007)

Bodies Broken By The Weight Of Time opens with a minimal dark ambient introduction, setting an ominous mood for the remaining 45 minutes of tape. The two following tracks spiral into an abysmal wasteland of furious static and roaring feedback. Truly a master of his craft, Climax Denial offers an outlet for days where being in a pleasant mood is not an option.

Bodies Broken By The Weight Of Time