Saturday, March 17, 2012

Pinky Lascaux - "Dear Brother" (2012)

Pittsburgh artist, Seth Ledonne, has created an endearing clamor along the lines of the self-titled split by Sports/Teeth Collection. Like a magic wand, Ledonne uses a contact mic to cast sound-spells on the listener in forms of repetitive racket and crimped feedback. From scratches, to what sounds like a battering ram being used on a washing machine, the variety of cacophony is quite quirky. Expressive lyricism tags along with wit in such lines as: "Let everybody know that you miss 'em. Let all your buddies know that you miss 'em." The passion can be heard though the Tom-and-Jerry-esque scuffles, the hootin' and hollerin', then cascades into harsh noise. This is the soundtrack of paint pails tumbling -- garage labor enamored. Indoor work being done with a twist of odd personality. As adamant as Ledonne is about community, I'm sure he'd want you to pick this one up and join in on the sentiments.

Dear Brother

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