Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Koen Holtkamp - "Field Rituals" (2008)

Field Rituals is an emotion-wrenching offering from sound artist Koen Holtkamp -- mixing field recordings and divine drones to create a reflective soundtrack of everyday life. Superbly mixed, the sound quality is as fresh as the brisk dew on a blade of grass. There is quite the array of instrumentation, lulling vocals included, and the listener is teleported into a variety of aural settings. All blissfully blended to perfection.

Inquire within.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Earth - "Earth 2 - Special Low Frequency Version" (1993)

If you consider yourself a drone fan whatsoever and do not own this yet, then you need to immediately stop calling yourself a drone fan. Respect your elders, Earth show what drone is truly about on this legendary album that is the definition of backbreaking heaviness. The cover art paints a scene truly indicative of what the recording represents: a massive slab of flat, unmoving grassland earth set among a monolithic, cloudless blue sky, a tiny encampment nestled in the corner practically unnoticeable with a quick glance. Similarly, Earth's music is gigantic; it lurches and drags and hangs in the air, overstaying its welcome. It is unmoving, yet relentlessly heavy. The sheer weight of this classic is tremendously obvious -- let it weigh on your fucking soul.

Alas, our bodies will go back to the ground one day, nay... they will go back to the E A R T H!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

More Funeral Doom

Evoken - "Antithesis Of Light" (2005)

Evoken -- American -- Funeral doom/death in the vein of Disembowelment

Longing For Dawn - "Between Elation And Despair" (2009)
Longing For Dawn -- Canadian -- Funeral doom mingling with brooding dark ambient

Skepticism - "Stormcrowfleet" (1995)

Skepticism -- Finnish -- Savage old-school funeral doom metal

Absum - "Purgatoire 2007-2009" (2010)

Absum -- American -- Funeral doom played in a punishing black metal style

Mournful Congregation - "The Monad Of Creation" (2005)

Doom metal weather is upon us; clocks are set back and darkness arrives earlier. The wind blows harder too and with it, my sense of smell coaxed and recognizes the scent of a grim winter in its wisps. Harrowing, menacing funeral doom metal to perfectly accent the coldest of Autumn evenings:

The Monad Of Creation