Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Few Old Death Metal Albums...

I've noticed an outcry for old-school death metal recommendations lately, so instead of just posting one album, I will post a few lesser known legendary ones that I hold dear. Though, it should be noted that these are not strictly death metal albums, but they all maintain an overall old-school death sound. So without further ado...

Carbonized - "For The Security" (1991)

Carbonized's For The Security is a savage album. Hints of grind and avant-garde metal fleck this one of a kind 1991 masterpiece. The drumming is spectacular, the riffs are cacophonous and messy, and the are vocals are extraordinary. Check this out if you like death metal that breaks away from tradition.

Old Funeral - "The Older Ones" (1999)

Old Funeral was known for once including Varg, Abbath, and a few other major black metal artists in their line-up. Although the band was only active for a handful of years, believe it or not, these grimlins created some of the catchiest and heaviest death metal of their day. With ripping riffs, blazing blast beats, and sometimes comedic vocals, Old Funeral certainly did not take themselves very seriously. The Older Ones is a compilation album and features a great track list.

Rottrevore - "Iniquitous" (1993)

Rottrevore are local legends hailing from my town, Pittsburgh. Here is a death metal band that is difficult to be outdone in the brutality department. In fact perhaps the only other local bands who can even contest are the legendary Nunslaughter or the pulverising Dream Death. Iniquitous is a remarkable old-school album making its debut in 1993, proving that great death metal didn't have to come from New York or Florida. There are some really good riffs here and the vocals are disturbingly guttural.

Ophis - "Withered Shades" (2010)

I cannot recommend this album enough. Ophis's 2010 release, Withered Shades, is a perfect example of what crushing modern death/doom metal should sound like. Riffs are slow and suffocating and the vocals boom and bellow from the depths below (my nether regions quiver with glee). If you skip out on this then you are not a true metal fan, you are a wimp.